Fehmarnbelt Solution Services

One-stop-service – expanding the mining area Boliden Garpenberg, Sweden

Our services provided the framework for safely running the construction site and efficient logistics of the equipment. We coordinated all transports of lifts and cranes, installed safety equipment, provided access control for 1,200 employees, planned and calculated the required power and heating supply and carried out the installations. Moreover we installed office space and changing rooms for the workforce with 350 modules and organized cleaning and catering for the modules.

Our services:

  • 250 modules
  • 80 hoist
  • 20 compressors
  • 5 mobile telescope cranes
  • 4 lifts (including user training)
  • 2 cranes
  • Various other machines and equipment
  • On-site rental location
  • Internal logistics solutions
  • Safety training
  • Space solutions including cleaning and catering services for office space and changing room spaces
  • Guard services and presence control with ID06