Fehmarnbelt Solution Services

Accommodation for more than 2,000 persons

During the construction of the world’s northernmost liquefied natural gas facility more than 2,000 persons were on duty on the small island. We provided accommodation and sanitary facilities for them as well as office space, including the complete furnishing, and therefore established 2,500 modules in total which had to be delivered by ship. Due to weather conditions of extreme Arctic nature particularly well-isolated modules were necessary to ensure appropriate warm living and working conditions. With excellence in service and quality we completely satisfied the high HMS and safety standards of contractor Statoil and won subsequent orders. Currently we are providing modules for office facilities.

Our services:

  • Accommodation for more than 2,000 persons
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Office facilities
  • 2,500 modules in total
  • Furnishing, climate control including air conditioning and heating
  • Wifi
  • Contact to catering services when needed